Inflammation is considered to be a driver of disease and at the core of many common ailments. Margaret Boyd-Squires, a highly regarded Naturopath with over 25 years of clinical experience, will teach you how to reduce inflammation with valuable advice and easy to follow recipes. Contains more than 55 quality recipes and beautiful photos of the dishes to inspire you.

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Chloe  June 2020

Absolutely delicious recipes which don’t take you hours to make! I’m a massive foodie, who loves cooking and very into my health and these recipes which are anti inflammatory and packed with nutrients have so much flavour and are healthy! Food for the soul 🙂


I highly recommend this book. Have been making many of the recipes in it and they are really tasty and easy to make (and I have had no trouble finding the ingredients- one of my pet hates). The advice in the book has helped me a lot with understanding why my acne needs an anti-inflammatory diet, and after 3 weeks of cooking these meals my acne has improved. Bought the book online after a friend recommended it, highly recommend!


Brilliant book thank you Margaret. I love the advice on different foods, and the wide range of recipes covering all meals types. The chicken curry and san choi bau are favorites with all the family, kids included!


For some time now, I have wanted to learn more about, and to implement, an anti-inflammatory diet – this book has it all covered. Margaret’s book is extremely informative, the recipes are easy to follow and the meals are extremely tasty. I use the recipes at least 3 to 4 times a week. My favourites are the Thai Chicken Curry, Rocky’s Slow Cooker Pulled Pork and the Roasted Beetroot with Balsamic, Cumin & Yoghurt. This book does not disappoint!


I am a self proclaimed cookbook addict and I have found this book to be different to any other. There is no hype, just a practical book to help you to eat a healthy anti-inflammatory diet. The recipes aren’t hard and they are quick too, but the results are dishes that my family don’t complain about and actually enjoy. I am now cooking from this book a few times a week and I feel good knowing the ingredients are helping to reduce inflammation and keep us healthy. Thanks!


I heard that there was a connection between weight gain and inflammation and so I thought I’d try this book. I have been losing weight and am enjoying the recipes. I like that it isn’t a ‘diet’ but just a healthy balanced way of eating. Have recommended it to a few people.

Dennis– 13 May 2019

Interesting book and worth the money I paid for it. The recipes are healthy but actually taste good

Nancy-30 May 2019

I have a number of anti-inflammatory recipe books but this one is a favorite as the recipes are especially nice and easy to make for weeknight dinners as they are quick and easy. My gut and body feel much better for following an anti-inflammatory diet